Our Commitment To Health & Safety


Our staff are directly employed by us and as such we invest in making sure they are trained to industry leading standards. This experience combined with a helpful and friendly approach make our staff the best in the business.


Before the planning stage, we assess all the risks that may be present in a property. This includes asbestos awareness, checking for power lanes and ensuring there is an even surface on which scaffolding can be erected.


Once the basic safety criteria have been met we start the planning process. Careful planning will certainly save time and money but it may also save lives so we always ensure we fully understand a client's project brief.




Unlike many companies who are in a hurry to take your money, we aim to save you time and money by being as efficient as possible. For example, working with you to plan construction of your scaffolding during off-peak hours in your local area.


The quality of our planning is reflected in the safety and durability of our scaffolding and is further highlighted by the seamless way in which we integrate ladders and lifts into our designs/ All of our equipment meets current BS safety standards.


We maintain regular checks on our structures to ensure there are no issues and to inspire confidence that our scaffolding construction continues to offer the highest levels of safety for tradespeople as well as for members of the public.